Maintenance of Maritime Drilling Facilities

"Lider" Group is an expert in offshore drilling facilities services in the following areas: providing the fleet as a bareboat charter (floating hotels, tugs, fuel tankers, etc.), fuel and drinking water supply, removal of bilge water, carrying out alertness and ASR operations for offshore projects.

The company’s own fleet consists of 4 universal fuelers, 3 tank barges, a pusher tug, and a speedboat.

The two universal fuelers ("Mayak-3" and "GTM-56"), the "Slavyanin" pusher tug and the "2635" tank barge belong to the "O-PR-2.0" class and have a draft of up to 1m making them suitable for shallow waters of the Volga Delta and the North Caspian.

The company staff consists of certified navigators and mechanical engineers with experience in drilling projects, such as "PetroResurs" Ltd and "BKE Shelf" Ltd.

Market awareness and our own repair stations allow us to respond promptly to customer interest in search and refitting special-purpose ships.

Плавучие гостиницы.
Наш флот. Мелководье.
МБК. Мелководье.
МБК. Мелководье.
МБК. Мелководье.
Наливная баржа 2635.
Маяк-3. Мелководье.
ГТМ-56. Мелководье.
Плавучая гостиница и Маяк-3.
Катер Фалькон-500.
Северный Каспий. Классы РРР.
Северный каспий.